Komett’s Universe

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My name is Komett, comet with a “K”. Just because I want to be different. I’m a Border Collie without sheep to herd and This is my story.

I was born on November 22, 2016. I joined my forever family 8 weeks later. This is my big sister holding me on my drive home. I chewed on her hair band the whole way home.

I felt at home right away. My family prepared for me to arrive, so it made it easy. I had toys and a bed. For my safety I had a cozy crate for me to stay in when they couldn’t keep an I on me. Being an eight week old puppy is very dangerous if I don’t have a safe place to play or sleep.

After I was old enough and had all my shots, I could go on walking and hiking adventures (after I was 18 weeks old). Before that it is dangerous, I could have gotten infections from the outdoors. So I only went on walks in the side and backyard.

Besides hikes, my favourite thing to do is play in the backyard. I patrol the fence for squirrels and I chase them every chance I get. I also play catch with whom every is there. I’m an all seasons dog.

I am also trained. It is important to be trained properly. Trained dogs gets to go more places and go on way more adventures. I got my training at “Beyond the Leash K9 training” Eric the lead trainer, is tough on the humans but kind to us dogs. I am forever grateful to them, becasue I come when I’m called, I get to run off leash a lot.

This is my sister Elanie holding my diploma for passing puppy class. I went onto intermediate and advance training. I know all my obedience commands verbally and with hand signals. I’m way better behaved than children I see around me.

This is basically my life and I love it. Don’t be a cat, follow me on Instagram. @kometts_universe

The gallery below is in no particular order, i’s just me being me.