All Fired UP! #corusupfront

All fired up! was this year’s theme for the Corus Entertainment upfronts held on Monday June 3rd at the Evergreeen Brick Works.

A few of us crazy fans, myself included walked around the facility for hours looking for the opportunity to see some of our favourite television celebrities. The Evergreen Brick Works is a pretty large place with lots of doors. Trying to figure out where they will lead the celebrities into the party was our mission. At first we thought we were in the right place, but when buss loads of guests began to arrive we knew different. It’s not normal for the celebrities to walk through where the guests enter.

So we planned to wait for the first black SUV to arrive and then follow it. Yes, our espionage ended in a car chase. For fun I asked one of the Corus employees if he could lead me in the right direction. If you have been playing this game as long as I have, you know they won’t spill the beans. But it’s fun watching them squirm for a bit. 🙂

So as the first SUV drove past us, we followed it. I have to admit there was a light jog to keep up. There were five of us in total, quickly following the SUV. Party guests looked at us in awe as we rushed past them. We fully understood we would certainly miss the first guest but, that was the only thing we could do at this time. Sorry folks, I will not reveal where the celebrities were lead in.  We have to keep our secrets.

All I’m going to say is, it wasn’t a place where I would have brought any of my guest through. 

The first SUV carried Tom Payne, so we just saw him entering the building. Still trying to figure out where we could stand, we miss the second SUV as well. The second SUV contained Patricia Heaton, I got a blurry shot of her waving at us as she walked in.

The next celebrity was  Lilly Singh. Lilly came over and took selfies and signed autographs. There we were five fans awaiting more celebrities. We shared stories and quite a few giggles. Everyone of us has been in the pursuit of celebrities together on many occasions. Some of us knew each other better than others.

There we two who were looking for autographs, two looking to add to their selfie collection and myself who just wants to get some candid shots of the celebrities.

Thankfully a very nice security person came and put a retractable belt barrier for us to stand behind. You probably think this is bad, no in fact we welcome the make-shift fan zone. It means they won’t be trying to get rid of us and it puts the celebrities at ease as the approach us.

Lucas Till
Eric Martsolf
Dorinda Medley

What started rough ended up being quite a rewarding afternoon. Three other fans joined our party a little later.

In total I devoted and stood for six hours. I participated in a car chase on foot, shared a few laughs and made new friends with a couple more celebrity fans.

We waited for the two celebrities that evaded us during the low speed car chase and then called it a night. I was pretty tired, but a good night’s sleep I’m ready for more Upfronts this Thursday.   

Patricia Heaton
Tom Payne

That Corus employee that I asked where the celebrities where going earlier that afternoon told me that I was out of luck. Sorry buddy, luck has nothing to do with it. It’s passion that leads my path.

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