Queen’s Plate Festival 2019 #QP19

We only  a few weeks away from The Queens Plate of 2019.  This year’s festival marks a hundred and sixty years of the event. That is quite the tradition. 

I personally missed out on this fantastic event for 156 of those years. I guess I was living under a rock. Truthfully, I heard about the Queen’s Plate and watch coverage on the news over the years. I thought it was for the wealthy. Not saying it’s not, but it’s for everyone else as well. (all photos below were taken during QP2018)

The tickets are very reasonable and the betting can be as low or a high as you want, or you don’t even have to bet. I personally bet $2 to $5 on each race, just for fun. But when you horse wins, it sure is fun. Watching the magnificent horses race with their trusted jockey on their backs, is quite a thing. Trust me when I tell you, it’s way better than what you’ve seen on TV.

Hearing the thunder of their hooves hitting the track will send you heart racing. I can’t talk enough about the thrill  of it all. (click here for more horse photos)

Perhaps horse racing or betting isn’t our thing. That’s not a problem, just looking at these magnificent beasts is fun in itself.  Lots more to do though, after all this is a festival. 

And like with every good festival, there’s plenty of beverages, food and live music.

Live music throughout the festival

A Friday evening concert to kick off the festival is a great way to start things.  Opening act is Jade Eagleson, followed but Washboard Union who is headlining.

Saturday’s festivities begin at 11 AM with the gates opening. More musical concerts throughout the day, beginning at noon on the main stage:

  • Natasha Zimbaro (12PM)
  • DreamBoats (4pm)
  • Madeline Merlow (7pm)
  • High Valley (8:30pm).

Last year I was able to catch Friday nights concert. It was the perfect way to get this rolling for the long weekend. Opening performer was Dan Tyminski

Headliner for 2018 was the one and only Brad Paisley

The running of the Queen’s plate

At 5:15 pm  Kristen Violet performs the national anthems  for the 160th running of the Queen’s Plate that begins at 5:40pm.

Last year’s anthems were performed by The Reklaws 

Let’s talk about fashion for a bit. If the festival didn’t have horses, food and drinks or even horses, I would still love it. Hundreds of well dressed dressed men and women walking around  looking fantastic.

In fact on Saturday on the main stage two  fashion contests are held. Best female fashion takes the stage at 2:30pm followed by the best male fashion contest at 3:15pm. Click here for more fashion photos.

As part of the tradition, host festival goers wear hats. From ball caps to flowery works of art, the will he a hat or two that will cause you to wish you were wearing it. The question is, could you pull it off. Click here for more hat photos.

As you can see, there is lots going on and it’s all fun, fun, fun. Don’t wait any longer, get whatever tickets are left and enjoy the festivities.

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