Hellboy 2019 Toronto Premiere #hellboy

April 11, 2019 at the Scotiabank Theatre, David Harbour and Milla Jovovich attended the movie’s Toronto premiere. Thanks to Randy Pomfret we can have a look at what when on during the red carpet event and the Q&A. These photos were taken and provided by Randy Pomfret. Click here for all the photos.

Cosplay is always a good idea for these types of premieres.

Hellboy 2019 was to be a sequel to Hellboy II, but for a few reasons it became an R-Rated reboot. Recent news says with only $40 million in world wide revenue, this Hellboy is one of this year’s Hollywood failures. David Harbour explains in a number of interviews released on May 29th, why this is.  I personally haven’t seen it yet, but I will when it’s available on DVD. I guess I will report back when I see it. Click here for Gamespot’s article

Milla Jovovich

David Harbour

Whether the flip is a flop or not these fans look like they got the attention they deserve.

Q&A and David Harbour’s Birthday surprise

Thank you Randy, I appreciate you sharing your photos and video.

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