SHAZAM! Back in Toronto

The stars of the soon to be hit movie Shazam came back to Toronto. The movie was film in Toronto, so the director  David F. Sandberg, Actors; Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer came back to the T-dot to thank fans.


Zachary Levi, know for the television series “Chuck” plays the lead role. This is  a story about a teenage boy (Billy Batson) who is given incredible powers. When billy says “Shazam!” he transforms into an adult superhero. However, his mind remains that of a teenage boy. (like most of us men)

This is sure to be fun and exciting. I am looking so forward to watching this movie and see our beautiful Toronto as the backdrop.


Jack Dylan Grazer (Left)
Asher Angel (Right)

Unfortunately, the actors were running late and had to rush into the media tent for interviews. The promised to return to fans afterwards. Not sure if they were able to or not, because I had to leave as well. These are the photos I was able to get of the rest of the cast.


Other DC Comics superheros may have felt a little left out of the Shazam celebration.

Is Superman checking his phone for the invite?

Wait, he got it late but Superman was invited along with a few other familiar faces.

Just to make sure Toronto had a voice, Mayor John Tory was on hand as well.


Speaking of familiar faces, while I hung out with my pals, laughing and joking around many were working to make our experience great or conducting interviews so we can get the scoop on everything. Thanks to all that were on hand working or volunteering.


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