Toronto Polar Bear Dip 2019 #DareToDip

Those who dared to dip appreciated that the temperatures were much warmer the previous years. Having said that, make no mistake it was damn cold. The water temperature was only three degrees Celsius. It was a lovely morning though, the sun broke through the clouds around 11 am, one hour prior to the frigid dip. Click here for the photo album

Many came to support the dippers, whether to cheer them on or to help them dry off. The also help them into dry clothes by holding a blanket around them. After the dip, things get pretty crazy.

Prior to the dip some gather around chatting about New Years Eve activities. While others find a spot to watch the event from. A few find throwing rocks into the lake fun. Regardless of what they do to keep busy before the dip, everyone is waiting for the loud speaker to say “Five Minutes before the dip”

Lots of photographers on hand to capture the excitement. Some are more dedicated than others. Here is James Hamilton of “The Grand Prix Tourist” blog. James gets the shots! Click here to check out his blog.

Media outlets are there as well. It’s always good to start the year with feel good stories. This year, I shot Audra Brown from CityNews. Audra has been reporting on Toronto for a very long time. If you caught her report, you saw how good she is. Audra looks after the camera work and the interviews. Bravo!

Some battle the cold by wearing costumes. Not sure it works though.

The folks who organize the dip hand out toques to the registered dippers. This year the dip raised money for the Boost Children and Youth Advocacy Centre.

Nothing says Canada like toques and swim wear.

The pre-dip preparations vary by individual, some wait for the plunge quietly while other do this…

One of my favourite things about this event is going through my photos. Finding some candid captures of people running for cover after the dip makes my day.


Lots more photos in the photo album, click here

This series of photos looks like a seen from a movie. The way she exited the lake was like it was in slow motion but it wasn’t. James didn’t even get a chance to get a shot off.

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