Canada’s Walk of Fame 2018 #CWOF2018

What kind of Canadian event would it be if it wasn’t freezing outside. Not to worry, the folks at Canada’s Walk of Fame had it all figured out. A giant tent was erected at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. The red carpet event was held inside. In true Canadian fashion the also included a fan zone inside the tent.  I on the other hand I wanted to tough out the cold and stay just outside. My reasoning was simple, better lighting, unique and candid photos. Let me tell you though,  where I was standing was a perfect wind tunnel. Man I was cold to the bone. It took hours after the event before I warmed up.

“Please tell me this cold isn’t for real” ask a woman who was in from California. We replied “it’s not even winter yet” Once she picked her jaw of the ground, she walked into the warm tent. Here’s a photo of me freezing outside. Photo taken by Randy Pomfret

 No, I’m not getting in trouble the security guard was providing instructions to show goers.

Meanwhile, just outside the Canada’s Walk of Fame 2018’s red carpet

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Steve Anthony

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir



Col. Chris Hadfield

Kurt Browning


Seth Rogen

Andrea Martin

Randy Bachman

Paul Henderson

Wendy Crewson

And the only “kinda” shot of Travis Cormier

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