Let’s Not Go To the EX #CNE

CNE locks out workers and brings in Scabs from other provinces.

Just days away from the doors opening at the CNE for 2018, IATSE Local 58 workers remain locked out. For those of you who are unschooled about labour negotiations; unionized workers and their employers negotiate a collective agreement every so many years. Some are 3 years, some much longer. What this means is that both sides try to come to an agreement the benefits the employer while the workers try to better there working conditions. Not always about money, often it includes health and safety as well as equality for all workers, whether the union is trying to get stronger language to protect current employees or future hires. Of course things don’t always go well, in some cases workers are allowed to strike after meeting with Ministry of Labour mediators. If a resolution isn’t reached during mediation workers can strike or the employer may choose to lock them out.  The CNE has chosen to lockout their employees.  They can do this because, the CNE are bringing scab workers from other provinces to work in their place. So the CNE can open as planned.  Ontario does not have anti-scab legislation and with a right-wing anti-labour  government like the Ford regime, it won’t.

A rally took place at Nathan Philips Square on Monday, asking for John Tory’s attention


These men and women are not on strike they were locked out of their jobs and the ability to provide for their families. Candid Toronto doesn’t normally  report on politics but I had to make an exception. As you all know I mainly report on events such as entertainment. IATSE is the union that represents the hard-working men and women who make the amazing concerts, plays, films and television shows entertaining. They build props, connect and operate electrical equipment, operate cameras, sound equipment and even transport actors to and from the set.  Local 58 however, only work with live entertainment.

At the CNE the work the do is so important, I hope that the performers who are performing at the CNE don’t fail because the right men and women didn’t setup their stage, fine tune their sound or shine the spot light so their fans can see them. I know the performers are bound by contracts and would be sued by the CNE for not performing. I also understand they are between a rock and a hard place but, I hope they will voice their concerns to the CNE. I know the appreciate the crew, because without them they wouldn’t sound or look good on stage.

What we can do to help, get on social media and demand that the CNE get back to the bargaining table, that’s all the union wants at the moment. Mayor Tory refused to negotiate, why would he when scabs are coming and the only people losing are the workers. Bug him too. If your anything like me, concerts at the Bandshell are amazing, affordable, and they sound great. My wife and I go many times while CNE is open. Again, I will be contacting the performers on social media and explaining why I won’t be going to see their show this year.  I encourage you to do the same,  how can we celebrate the end of summer at a place that locks out their employees and brings in scabs from other provinces. Shame on the CNE!

In order to cover the Bandshell concerts on Candid Toronto I have been there early enough for the sound check, I assure you the dedication the workers have to ensure the performers sound their best is remarkable and quite frankly unprecedented. I bugs me they CNE doesn’t give a damn about its employees, the performers or their patrons. Don’t spend you hard-earned cash their unless the workers, the right workers are back on the job. I won’t!

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