Canadian Screen Awards 2018

Canadian Screen Awards 2018

This past Sunday, I froze my ass off to get photos of Canadian Celebrities at the red carpet for the Canadian Screen Awards. It was well worth it. I had a blast freezing with my wife and tiff buddy Janet. Yes, there were three of us outside and about 100 fans who were warm inside the red carpet fan zone. Click here to see all of my photos of this event.

I always prefer the more candid shots of the celebrities getting out of the vehicles and quite frankly I love how they interact with us especially when it’s a small group.

As always the celebrities in their usual Canadian style shared some laughs with us and posed for photos.

It’s been a few months since I have shot photos and I was bit rusty getting my focal point on target as the very cold celebrities were rushed inside by the Sony Centre staff, So pardon the slightly blurry photos.

Co-host of the award show Jonny Harris came out to say hello before going in to get dressed for the show.

My favourite interaction was with the one and only Kim Coates. Kim was walking North on Scott St and when he came up behind me. My wife alerted me as he passed me. I asked, “Kim can I get a photo?”  “Make it fast, walk with me!” he replies. I started to walk faster but my bum knee wouldn’t have it. Thank God Janet said ” Please just a quick one”  Kim stopped and we fired off a few quick ones. Of course with all that excitement I forgot to point my focal point on his face. The shot isn’t sharp but I love it.

About 2 hours later, Kim is now walking towards us heading southbound to the red carpet entrance. I look at Janet and say, “We are not going to bug him again are we?” My shot is a bit blurry but he looks like he’s in a hurry once again”  Janet is about to say ” No, lets not” when Kim interrupts  by yelling from   20 feet away ” Make it fast, let’s go” Once again a raise my camera and fire away.

Then he say, “Brenna Get over here”  “No Dad, do your thing” she replies.

Brenna concedes and joins her father for a photo.

A very proud father says ” Brenna Coates ladies and gentlemen, She’s going to be a bigger star than I am”

Kim and Brenna Coates star in an play called “Jerusalem” On until March 17th

Click here for all the photos

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