2017 in Review Part 2 #goodbye2017


Canada celebrated its 150th birthday, celebrations took place all over Canada. We did some sight-seeing, hiking and sat on a Pier in Hamilton to watch the fireworks that took place on Burlington’s  Brant Street pier.


The Festival of Friends moved back home to Hamilton, Gage park to be exact. As usual my wife and I attended the country concert and it was great. FYI, this is a dog friendly event. Unfortunately many of these outdoor events are not. Terri Clark was the headliner and she was awesome!. The opening acts where very good as well. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.



Caribanna is always a fun day.  It was a chilly August day with a few showers here and there, but that did not stop people from coming out and dancing on the sidelines.  Hundreds of masqueraders danced and partied along the Lakeshore. This year the parade route changed and in my opinion it was much better.

The Canadian National Exhibition, over the last few years my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the concerts at the Bandshell as well as the country saloon. This year I got to me and chat with Keifer Sutherland, certainly a highlight of 2017. I got him to sign a video tape of his Grandfather Tommy Douglas‘ speech called “Mouseland”. To add to the treat of meeting him, his on stage performance is one of my top ten concerts.

I got to meet and speak with Meghan Patrick and she is a sweetheart and super talented. Once again she blew me away.

What can I say about Brett Kissel that hasn’t been said? Brett is truly amazing off stage as he is on stage. Super talent to match how super of a human being he is.

I know you’ve heard me talking about Andrew Hyatt and I continue to be in his corner. In 2017 he finally started getting the recognition he so deserves. Both on the radio as well as on tour. Andrew joined Dallas Smith on tour, I believe that was a perfect fit for Dallas and his fans.  Unfortunately, I was unable to catch many of his performances but I was fortunate to catch him at the CNE. He is always super nice to my wife and I, he even signed a couple of photos I took of him in the past. I certainly hope in 2018 Andrew'[s music career will propel him to new heights.


FanExpo, this is a huge comicon. It takes over the entire  Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC). This time around I just hung out by one of the exits for a couple of hours in order to get some candid cosplayer photos.



The annual “Got ass?” Car wash, pretty girls and cool rides. Do I need to say more?




The Toronto International Film Festival (tiff). Ten days of stalking celebrities in Toronto. Standing for hours, your head on a swivel so you don’t miss one hiding in the crowd. Eating junk food whenever there a break or you can’t bear the hunger anymore. A wee bit dehydrated because if you drink too many fluids you will have to go pee. A food or  pee break  can cost you a great shot. Meeting and hanging out with the fans behind the fences is by far my favourite part of tiff. It would not be as much fun without my tiff buddies.  Check out the countdown to tiff-mas on my sidebar.  I will be post the complete album in the near future.



ImportExpo, more cars and pretty girls. I missed the annual ImportFest this year so I went to this event. It wasn’t as good for me as a photographer. I’m sure for car lovers the had a great time.



Everything To Do With Sex Show, now run by Taboo. Lot’s of adult fun. Got to keep this somewhat PG so you need to get out there next year to see it for yourself.


Darryl Peezack joining CandidToronto as a blogger. Darryl will be providing  entertainment news on a regular basis along with other things of course. Check out his feed on the sidebar and you will know what’s happening in the entertainment world.

Darryl’s first post was about the play “Grease” playing in Toronto and his celebrity sighting of Janel Parrish.



Santas running in Yorkville in Speedos.  Jiggle Bells,  Jingle  Bells,   Oh what fun this is.  All this fun and its to raise money for SickKids Hospital. The  Toronto Santa Speedo Run is an annual event

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