#Toronto #SantaSpeedoRun 2017

Toronto’s Santa Speedo Run 2017

The Toronto Santa Speedo Run  was back from its one-year hiatus.  I think this is the perfect event before the Christmas. Whether you hear it on the radio or on television; everyone is preaching about the “Holiday Spirit”. These dedicated people are walking the talk. They raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children by running in Yorkville wearing speedos and singing Jingle Bells as the run. Although the weather wasn’t too bad this year, I’ve been there in past years shivering with my winter gear on as they run past me nearly naked.

This is a special charity for me because like many parents, I am forever grateful for SickKids Hospital; for saving my Son’s life. My Son was only hours old when he had to be rushed to Sick Kids. Today he’s alive and healthy. My daughter too relied on Sick Kids to improve the quality of her life and she too is good now. I don’t want to think about how different my life would be without my kids. and I know not everyone’s story has a happy ending like mine. But I assure you SickKids does everything they can towards that happily ever after.  I donate to SickKids whenever I can and yes, I donated to one of the runners at this event.   Click here to donate on the main page, if you so wish.

santaspeedorun santaspeedorun

The “Streakin’ Speedsters” are regulars at this event. In fact,  the speedsters have run in this event since it began in 2005.

santaspeedorun santaspeedorun

What would a Canadian be without a good-looking winter hat or Toque eh?

Matt Freeman; the man who started this event in Toronto. In this photo Matt is coming through the “Victory Arch” which ends the run. Thank you, Matt!

These very cold individuals never let the cold interfere with the fun. Yes, this is for a great cause but why not have some fun.

This isn’t a very long event at all, but it’s packed with fun, laughter while friends and total strangers cheer these speedo runners along the streets of  this posh neighbourhood.


Yorkville is known for hosting many celebrities, so one must have his or her eyes peeled at all times. I told myself to keep looking at the crowd. However, when the fun started I forgot about everything. lol  My wife, who is a big fan of David Rocco told me he hangs out in Yorkville. I reminded her to keep an eye out and even bring his cookbook , in case she saw him and he agreed to sign it. Below is a screen shot of a video I took as the runners arrived at the finish line. Lord behold there is David.

Click here to see all the fun photos from this event.






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