Everything To Do With #SexShow 2017

Taboo Show 2017

I’m not sure exactly what the relationship is between Taboo and the Everything To Do With Sex Show is, but it works for me.  This year the sex show ventured to a new venue;The international Centre by Pearson Airport. This International Centre is my favourite venue for trade shows. It is easy to get to, ample parking and it’s free. Yes, believe it or not the parking is free!  Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised about was the ticket prices.  A substantial reduction in price and the ticket is good for the entire weekend. Let me give you some figures; in 2015 at the Metro Convention Centre (MTTC), tickets at the door were $25  or $35 for the weekend. Parking is anywhere from $20 to $30 anywhere near the MTCC.  So if you when with you significant other, it would cost you at least $70 for one day. In 2016, the price was the same but you saved $10 on parking because it was held in the Direct Energy Building at the CNE grounds. This year the price was $15 a person ($20 at the door) and it was good for all three days. My wife and I spent less to get in this year, then I paid for a weekend pass for myself in the past.

The venue wasn’t the only thing that was different, a lot of new exhibitors or vendors. Show patron crowded the aisles going from vendor to vendor. I couldn’t even take a decent shot of the vendors until almost closing time. Here are a couple that caught my eye. A few under garments from Blacko MTL.

Not everything for sale is sex related, but these are some sexy ass ball caps from Rate Dr Society.

I simply love bodypainting, not sure why exactly but I just love the combination of Art and the human body used as a canvas. With the help of some lights, this paint glows bright and colourful. It is hard to do it justice, as I had to use a flash because the light in the venue is dimmed to “romantic”.

The main stage is always a big deal for patrons. Besides the scheduled events, no one knows what will happen when the hostess (Terri Stevens) has the mic in hand. Before and after each performance Terri involved patrons in some type of shenanigans for a price. Terri was very good, unfortunately I can repeat anything she said and keep this blog kinda PG. One time she  was giving away new underwear, so she had ten men line up in front of the stage and drop their pants. She then poked fun at some of the underwear and flirted with the men she found appetizing.  And like every contest the winner is decided by the volume of cheers for the audiences favourite.

Another patron favourite are the “cam girls”  My Free Cam had a very large display with live cam girls doing their thing. Well kind of, I overheard on of the girls tell one of her online tippers; that because she was at a show, she couldn’t do anything to sexy except show her butt and bare breasts.

At most trade shows, vendors do their best to have good displays, here are a couple of my favourites.

Anything to do with superheroes seems to be hot right now, including iron on patches, flasks and even cups. I’m drinking out of a Batman cup as I post this. This display is from Xtreme Paraphilia

Of course there are sex toys and stuff, if you want to see what they have? See you there next year.

Lots more coverage to come, check back for lots of sexy stuff in the upcoming weeks.





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