It’s tiff’n time! #tiff42

Toronto International Film festival (tiff) 2017

As I write this post, there’s less than two weeks until the 42nd Toronto International Film festival.  For some the end of summer means back to work or back to school, for me it’s “Tiff-mas”. I book vacation time to make sure I can dedicate as much time as possible for stargazing. Year after year it gets better for me, I don’t mean the celebrities are better or there are more of them, but instead I am talking about the friendships I have made from year to year.  Click here to visit the tiff website and get all the info you need.

The fans

Some of the tiff gang gets to see each other a couple times a year outside of tiff, but most only at tiff. While we wait for the celebs to arrive or leave, we share tiff memories like soldiers after the war. We share how happy some of our favourite celebrities make us feel or how unimpressed we are when they walk past us like we are garbage. Yet year after year we gather, we wait and cheer when a black SUV comes around the corner.  We all wish it wouldn’t end after 10 days although we are all spent.


Last year tiff organizers made some unwelcome changes that affected many fans and fan photographers. I was very upset so I boycotted the red carpet events except for the last one. My tiff buddies insisted I go with them. Boycotting the red carpets cost me many shots of some of my favourite stars, but I have major issue with corporate greed that disguises itself as security measures. Huge backdrops covered in corporate logos, fans with high interest credit cards getting preferred seats or huge telecommunication/ broadcast giant, pretending the care about providing the great fan experience. But for us real fans, who come early and wait patiently are now out because these companies are taking up all the prime spots at the read carpet. I try my hardest not to give these corporation any publicity, tiff is the exception of course.

It is unfortunate that today’s world requires addition security, but what they did last year failed security and tiff’s fans.  Many of which have been giving their precious time to attend the festival for decades.  Fans were not only upset but also hurt.  tiff officials thought so little of the thousands that line the streets to attend the events or watch the films. Fans that have made tiff the success it is.

I truly hope they have evaluated the nonsense from last year and have come up with a better and more fair ”fan zone” as well as proper security measures that will actually protect the fans and the celebrities. Here are some of the celebrities I shot last year, I got these shots at restaurants, parties and back doors.  Click the links below, so you can see who I saw.

Female celebrities of tiff 2016

Male celebrities of tiff 2016

Merry Tiff-mas and happy shooting!

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