tiff is coming…. #tiff2017

Tiff 2017 announcement

Today just raised the tiff excitement to heights not seen since tiff 2016. Fans like my self struggle with wishing the summer will last as long as possible but then we also wish tiff would hurry up and arrive. Today the folks at tiff held a press conference naming about 25% of the movies coming this September.  Future announcement will follow during the month of August, including revealing the schedule on August 22nd.

Unfortunately, nothing mentioned about  the infamous “fan zone” rules or if any further changes are being applied to ruin the fan experience. Regardless my vactation is booked and I am ready to go.  Fans, get your cameras ready, make space on your phones and get you sharpies sharpened,  the ride has begun

Click on the links below for tons of tiff 2017 information.






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