CTV Upfronts 2017 #ctvupfronts

Once again I found myself standing in front of a red-carpet event alongside a few of my tiff photog buddies. Why were we there? We were there to scratch the tiff itch. Just over ninety days away from tiff 2017 we needed to shoot some celebrities.

My reason for being there may have differed a little from my trusty companions, as I am a big fan of television. My wife and I love to watch our favourite shows from the comfort of our home, we also love showing support to CTV and the small screen stars that entertain us daily.

CTV stepped up and provided fans with a great red-carpet experience, but now we have to tune in to the new shows and to those shows returning for more seasons.

Here are the celebrities that attended the red carpet. Of course, I have more photos of then in the album, click here for the album

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