Toronto Pillow Fight 2017 #pillowfight2017

Once again Nathan Phillips Square was Toronto’s battle field on this International Pillow Fight Day.  Across the world may cities host a very large and extremely fun pillow fight. Men, women and children of all ages gather around and wait for the clock to strike 3 o’clock before all feathers and foam break loose. Click here to see all the exciting photos.

If I had nickel for every time this sign has been photographed, I would have the lens I really want. lol

This was Komett’s first trip to downtown Toronto, at four months old everything is exciting and scary at the same time. Komett was a little overwhelmed at first, then he loved Toronto as much as I do. It is my intention to have my new best pal join me on my adventures. You can follow Komett’s adventures on Instagram and Twitter @kometts_universe

These young ladies were walking on water

As always laughter and screams echoed in Nathan Phillips Square. Some carefully swung their pillows, while others pounded everyone as hard as they could.  The one constant was the big smiles on peoples faces, regardless of age. Even those photographing or just observing couldn’t help but smile. Look though these photos for those smiles. Don’t forget to click here for the photo album

Then there were those who needed to chill for a bit



One thought on “Toronto Pillow Fight 2017 #pillowfight2017

  1. Who knew Toronto had its own pillow fight for all to participate in and enjoy! Thanks for covering it, Roger.
    Great pics, as always

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