Canada’s Walk of Fame 2016 #walkoffame

Show airs on Global Tonight at 9:00 pm EST

I was lucky enough to get a media pass to this year’s Canada’s Walk of Fame. This experience was definitely on of my favourites from 2016. I was so happy to be there but I was also a big fan of many of the guests. I was like a kid in a candy store. Once again I got to meet some really nice people in the photographer’s area. It was a blast.

If you don’t know who some of these famous Canadians are, then you better tune in to watch. If the fun on the red carpet is any indication of the broadcast, you’re in for some laughs.


There were Mounties too, always great to see our federal law enforcement.

Some of the celebrities asked if the could touch the Mounties, Yes was their response. We are so damn polite!

Brett Kissel  was really relaxed with the Po Po

Lots more photos of Canada’s entertainers, just click here

I took my sister to see this guy in the 80’s. I was one of a few guys there and I must admit I became a big fan. Unfortunately he cancelled a show the following year due to exhaustion, I haven’t seen him live since. I still have a Corey Hart playlist on my cell phone, I still try to spike my hair and of course I still wear my sunglasses at night.


Oh yeah, and there’s Jason Priestley as well.

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