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By now you know I’m a country fan, but truth be told I am a music fan first. Regardless of the genre, if it’s good music I’m a fan.  If the RCMP profiled me using my music collection, I would undeniably be on their watch list. My music collection consists of music from Andrea  Bocelli  to Metallica. If I like it I’ll listen to it.

One of my  Instagram followers suggested,  I check out her Son’s rock band that was playing in Toronto on Remembrance Day. (Veteran’s Day,  for my US friends).  Well it so happened I was able to pop in. I’m in, especially when I can bring my trusty Nikon. The event was held at The Cameron House in Toronto (408 Queen St. W). I have taken photos of the building because the outside has giant ants crawling on it, but had never gone inside. The moment I walked into the place I felt like I was part of the cool music scene. I have  heard about these clubs in movies but never have been in one. Primarily because I don’t drink, and the bar scene has never been my thing. This dark room had a bar at one end and a stage slightly off the floor at the other end. It also had a few tables along its walks but mostly everyone was standing. If those walls could talk, I’m sure they would share many tales of music, love, laughing and its patrons loving every minute of live music. This small venue housed two rooms with identical bar and stage. To the back room we went, as that was where the band I went to see was playing..

rif_8486 oitc

On this night, no cover was paid but instead a donation to the Wounded Warriors of Canada was your entry fee. “Give what you can” was the policy. Three bands had given up their time and talent for free, for this cause. I am only covering the opening band called “One In the Chamber”.

The Band Members are: Bass Player: Christian Dotto, Lead Guitar: Cecil Eugene, Drummer: Gerrod Harris and Lead Singer: Michael Biase


Christain Dotto added the foot tapping bass to the music. His long hair danced along as his energy on stage which got the crowd screaming for more. Christain and band members donned the poppy in remembrance of the many heroes who fought for our freedom which includes expression through music, all kinds of music.

oitc_cameron_house_2016_-4 oitc_cameron_house_2016-119

Cecil Eugene’s guitar did not gently weep, it yelled and screamed! His lightning fast digits picked notes as they travelled up and down the fretboard.

oitc_cameron_house_2016_  oitc_cameron_house_2016-118

Gerrod Harris masterfully pounded the rock out of the drums. His hands and arms were moving so fast, I was lucky to get a shot that wasn’t too blurry.

oitc_cameron_house_2016_-2 oitc_cameron_house_2016-104

Michael Biase delivered great vocals as he sang his heart out down the set list. Although I know nothing about this young man, I know he belongs on stage. He has a great stage presence, masterfully engaged the audience and his band mates.

oitc_cameron_house_2016_-3 oitc_cameron_house_2016-133

They  put on a really good, high energy show, I will definitely see them again. I wish them nothing but success.

Thanks for allowing me to shoot these photos.  Click here for the photo album

oitc_cameron_house_2016-85 oitc_cameron_house_2016-4

oitc_cameron_house_2016-6 oitc_cameron_house_2016-44

oitc_cameron_house_2016-46 oitc_cameron_house_2016-57





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