A trip to Centre Island #centreisland

It has been well over a decade since I’ve ferried over to Centre Island. With a blog about Toronto it was time to feature Toronto’s Islands.  Monday August 15 was one of the Mondays I booked off this summer for my wife and I to enjoy our staycation.  The temperature was 37 degrees Celsius including the humidity and the sky was blue with the odd cloud hovering above.  Just want to see the photos click here

Centre_Island 2016-16 Centre_Island 2016-18

The terminal was known as the Toronto Island Ferry Docks until 2013, when it was renamed in honour of former city councillor and federal Member of Parliament Jack Layton.

Source: United Food and Commercial Workers Canada

Centre_Island 2016-11  Centre_Island 2016-12

The last time my wife and I visited Centre Island alone was June 13, 1986. (I’ve always kept a photo journal of my adventures) We had skipped off from high school and enjoyed the day at the island very much. We made if back home before our parents arrived from work making it a perfect adventure. With our children well in their twenties, we find ourselves alone again. We should have played hooky from work, for old times’ sake. My wife and I in 1986 at the island and us now.  FYI, those tandem bikes are not easy to operate, get individual bikes. Trust me…

June 13, 1986

Centre_Island 1986-10

and now

Centre_Island 2016-65

June 13, 1986

Centre_Island 1986-11

and now

Centre_Island 2016-66

The ferry ride was as I remember it, I truly enjoyed watching the Toronto skyline as we moved further and further away from dock. I took way too many photos, lol. I wish I had photos of what the skyline looked like back in 1986, back then I probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.

Centre_Island 2016-13 Centre_Island 2016-19 Centre_Island 2016-27 Centre_Island 2016-29

The Island too looked as I remembered it. The green grass lay in the shade of large and majestic trees. Since this trip was in the summer and school was out, we stayed away from Centreville. There were kids everywhere, I may pop back in the fall and photograph the things I didn’t this time around.

Centre_Island 2016-34 Centre_Island 2016-31 

Centre_Island 2016-46 Centre_Island 2016-52   Centre_Island 2016-37 Centre_Island 2016-44

We rode that death machine (tandem bike) to Wards Island and back to the bike rental place where we returned it early.

Centre_Island 2016-71 Centre_Island 2016-72 Centre_Island 2016-57 Centre_Island 2016-61

Centre_Island 2016-80 Centre_Island 2016-82

By foot we headed the 4 kilometres to Hanlan’s Point  on the other side of the island.

Centre_Island 2016-116 Centre_Island 2016-119

Centre_Island 2016-124 Centre_Island 2016-133

Let’s just say we had planned of walking back and take the Centre Island ferry back. Unfortunately we were so tired, the heat didn’t help matters.


Centre_Island 2016-145 Centre_Island 2016-147

Centre_Island 2016-140  Centre_Island 2016-141

We took the ferry back to Toronto from Hanlan’s Point. The ferry back held City of Toronto pickup trucks and city workers heading back at the end of the day along with thirty other people.

 Centre_Island 2016-148 Centre_Island 2016-150

Lots more photos in the album click here

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