#FanExpo2016 only a couple of weeks away

Fan Expo 2016 September 1-4 2016

Heroes, villains, zombies and celebrities invade Toronto. Get your geek on and join the fun. Fan Expo Canada hits Toronto first week in September beginning on Thursday Afternoon at 4 pm and wrapping up Sunday at 5 pm. Friday and Saturday hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. This event takes over the entire Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTTC). I mean there will be little room to move around in the MTTC. Previous years because of the amounts of patrons, MTTC staff and security asked you to walk from the South Building to the North Building via the street. It was just too many bodies in on place. Here’s a look at Fan Expo 2015.

Fanexpo2015-12 Fanexpo2015-13

Fanexpo2015-14 Fanexpo2015-15

There are two main activities I participate in at Fan Expo, I love to shoot the cosplayers in their costumes and shoot the celebrities as they interact with their fans at the celebrity autograph area. Many fans line up, wait and part with their hard-earned cash to get autographs. The cost of autographs varies from celeb to celeb, but it will cost you $30-$60. There are opportunities for a photo shoot with some of the celebrities and that will cost you $80-$120. (These are the prices I’ve seen). Below is a birds eye view of the lines to get autographs.

Fanexpo2015-17 Fanexpo2015-16

Shooting the celebrities is very difficult because the lighting sucks, security keeps telling you to “keep moving” and there are so man heads in the way. Once in a while Security is busy and I manage to stand in the same spot for 30 seconds and an opportunity pops up and I am able to get a photo.  To make matters worse, no flash allowed. I’ve applied for a media pass for the last two years, but no cigar. Once again I was denied media access for this year’s extravaganza.

Robin Taylor (1) Billy Williams

Chandler Riggs Gillian Anderson (1)

Jeri Ryan (1) Lennie James (1)

Malcom McDowell Mike Tyson

Neve Campbell (1) Norman Reedus (2)

If you haven’t attended Fan Expo and are a fan of anything comic book, sci-fi, horror or anime get you but down to the MTTC. Fan Expo is definitely something you have to experience. Of course the costumes and their Cosplayers are always a blast.  Click here for the 2015 photo album of cosplayers

Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-12 Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-16

Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-20 Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-72

Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-15 Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-22

Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-28 Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-63

Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-66 Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-70

Come alone, come with a friend or come as a group. This group is known as Ontario DCU These guys and gals were a lot of fun. Check out the album


Ontario_DCU_fanexpo2015-38 Ontario_DCU_fanexpo2015-39

Ontario_DCU_fanexpo2015-21 Ontario_DCU_fanexpo2015-30

Ontario_DCU_fanexpo2015-35 Ontario_DCU_fanexpo2015-42

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