An Evening In Gotham #suicidesquad

Over a year ago I went to see the filming of the “Suicide Squad” movie at Yonge and Dundas. One of many Toronto locations used for the blockbuster film hitting theatres this Friday.

……. Previously posted May 26 2015……

The evening I spent in Gotham

Last night was a pretty exciting in Gotham. When we arrived on the main drag (Yonge Street) it was pretty bare; the usually bumper to bumper traffic was nowhere to be found.

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-10 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-49

Instead there were trucks washing the day’s filth of the road and sidewalks.  Coolness filled the air as the sun dipped behind the large shopping complex. (Eaton Centre)

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-13 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-14

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-15 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-16

I moved off of Yonge St. so my camera won’t get a shower for about 5 minutes, I had just moved back to the corner of Yonge and Shuter when this came roaring by.

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-19 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-20 

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-21 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-22

The crews of film technicians worked very hard preparing the set for what was coming. Yonge St. was closed off from 7 pm to 6 am, these workers had a long night ahead of them.

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-12 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-28 

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-25 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-18

I was approached by Scott Lightfoot of CTV and a camera operator Brian Weatherhead asking about the pink car that sped by. After Scott made a joke about not being as fast as the car, he asked if he could ask me a few questions, of course I did.

Click here to see my interview with Scott Lightfoot and his excellent coverage of my night in Gotham

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-60 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-61

Roger CTV 3 Roger CTV

Shortly after we were asked to move against the buildings for safety, most complied while others tested the newly sprayed waters. Load voices could be heard across Yonge and Dundas Square,  “ Step Back!” “Step Back” Moment’s later half a dozen cars sped southbound on Yonge from Carlton to King.  The shiny car that belongs to Batman’s nemeses “the Joker”.

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-31 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-32

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-33 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-34

The crew informed the crowds of spectator’s they would be a break in the high speed chase, so my wife and I decided pancakes at Fran’s was what was missing from this adventure. As usual Fran’s  did not disappoint. Yummy Yummy!

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-45 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-46

We arrived just in time for more exciting car chase began once again.

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-52 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-53

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-54 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-55

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-56 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-57

We left about 10:30pm because I begin my morning at 5:00 am so I can get to my real job.  After I left the Batmobile showed up.  Oh well.

Click here to see what I missed

A few more captures

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-23 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-44 

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-37 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-30

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-50 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-58


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