Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2016 #TOcarnival

Caribana: Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2016

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Once again I found myself surrounded by masqueraders, loud music and under the hot sun. Nope I was not in the Caribbean, the Caribbean is in Toronto. This year was no different than the past but each year I get amazed at the colours, costumes and the amount of happy people in one place. The great music pounds your chest and makes you dance in the streets like no one is watching.

Caribana_2016_B-roll-4265 Caribana_2016_B-roll-4741 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5231 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5332

This year has been a difficult year for peace in the world but there was nothing but peace at the Grand Parade. Toronto’s wonderful diversity was well represented both in the parade and on the sidelines.

Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-14  Caribana_2016_Smilely_Faces-11

Caribana_2016_Smilely_Faces-36 Caribana_2016_Smilely_Faces-80

Caribana_2016_Smilely_Faces-56 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5348

This is a good time to remind humanity is the only race and everyone matters. Many carried peaceful reminders of the ongoing campaign “Black Lives Matter”

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I heard someone saying “Canada” is the envy of the world. As I looked around there were so many different nationalities enjoying Caribana and doing so with the freedom of wearing clothing representing their own culture.  Canadian pride was evident but so was the respect for every culture there.


Click links below for photo albums

Smiley Faces

Game Faces

Full body

Everything else

Boy was there dancing, lots and lots of dancing. So much fun to watch people getting lost in the fun.

Caribana_2016_B-roll-4504 Caribana_2016_B-roll-4505

Caribana_2016_B-roll-5186 Caribana_2016_B-roll-4926

Caribana_2016_B-roll-5113 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5116

Caribana_2016_B-roll-5149 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5168

Keeping hydrated is very important

Caribana_2016_B-roll-5269 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5370

 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5372 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5374

This truck was giving out free stuff, look at the frenzy it created


Of course the floats were amazing, the detail and bright colours are very exciting for photographers. Its very hard to get a photo becasue everyone jumps in front for selfies.

Caribana_2016_B-roll-4895 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5010 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5309 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5432 Caribana_2016_B-roll-5478

Every year it try to shoot with a theme, I know some of my friends wish the theme was boobs and butts but I shot feathers and faces instead.

I divided the photos up by “smiling faces” and “game faces”  Game faces I captured as the masqueraders prepared for the parade and just before they turned on their smiles.  Click the links below, hundreds of photos. There may be a boob or two. lol

Smiley Faces

Game Faces

Full body

Everything else


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