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Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week is an exciting week for Canadian music and for the fans of Canadian music like myself. Canada is blessed by so many thing and one of them is all our talented folks. This week I will post about some of the Canadian  musicians that I have had the pleasure of hearing and seeing in person and photograph. I will kick it of with one of my top picks and the one I hope will excel in the music business.

Candid Toronto Spotlight

In addition to my  colleagues, I know two people who live in Sudbury, Terry who I met in Toronto a few years ago at the Toronto International Film Festival and Andrew Hyatt. Well besides seeing him perform I really don’t know Andrew. I do know I’m a big fan of his, I know a hardworking man trying to live his dream. This photo is a fail, but I love the colours, so I decided to share it.


Andrew is doing it the old fashion way, through hard work and plugging away at his craft without selling his soul. I emailed Andrew asking if he was going to perform anywhere I could see him will I was up there. Unfortunately, he was only performing on the Friday night. I would have left by then. Well folks, Andrew called is old boss at East Side Mario’s on Algonquin Square (2040 Algonquin Rd #26, Sudbury). The next day he emailed me back, he was now performing on Thursday night.

ROG_5507 ROG_5516

I’m calling it a concert for me, well me, Terry. Terry graced my presence for a great meal and a fantastic performance.  Andrew picked from a 101 song list, many original songs I have heard from his EP “Never back Down” now on sale and some new stuff as well.  Andrew was signed by Wax Records a couple of years ago. Wax records and I have similar taste, check out my “I am Canadian” page, I have photographed a few of their artists.  Thank you Andrew loved every song and thanks for doing it on Thursday, I am sad my wife wasn’t there to enjoy it too.

Click here and buy it, economically priced and way worth it.  iTunes  Google play

Help this Canadian rising star, buy his great work and call, email or send a pigeon to the country radio station near you and request his songs.

Andrew just recently released a new and very catchy single, ” MGR ( Me and a Girl and a Radio)”  Give it listen here Spotify

ROG_5524 ROG_5526

Andrew brought a guitarist to play along with him, in the picture above, his friend was in a trance as Andrew delivered outstanding vocals.  To add to an already great performance Andrew through in a few covers. He sang some Guns and Roses (Sweet Child of Mine),  I got a “Little Help from My Friends”  by The Beatles and even rocked the hell out of a Justin Bieber cover for a group of young ladies. (Love Yourself)

ROG_5512 ROG_5533

If you know anything about “New Country Music” the you love Eric Church.  There just something about Eric Church’s music that gets your boots tapping, your heart pumping and your brain working because of his clever lyrics, But most of all you can’t help but feel his passion in the music.  Well Folks you heard it here first, this guy from a mining town who didn’t want to be a miner has the potential to be Canada’s  Eric Church. His songs are raw and from the heart, Andrew takes you through a journey from song to song. My favourite song is ” Best Part” 4 min. and 24 sec of passion and honesty about a drive back to his girlfriends house after hearing of her father’s defeat to cancer. When I say he can be our Eric Church, I mean I think he can achieve Eric’s success. Andrew is his own musician with his own style and besides he’s a Canuck!.


Andrew is a hard musician to photograph because once his hand strums that 6 string its about the music, he often closes his eyes, or looks into the abyss, just to bring that country rawness to his performance. However he connects to the audience often by sharing the origins of the song.

ROG_5550 ROG_5515

Andrew is always performing somewhere, but you can see him as he in July when he is one of the opening acts for Eric Church at the first ever CMT Music Festival

If you want to know a little more about Andrew’s journey, see the Gearhead Country Interview video below.


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