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This was a pleasant surprise, I had no idea this trade (Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show) show was so cool and busy. A lineup of cars trying to get in to the parking lot formed on Airport Rd. Inside the show there were over 100 exhibitors showcasing their business’, offering products for sale or simply providing information. Many cool things had the guests reaching into their wallets though.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-10 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-16 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-15 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-13

The “White Water Demo Pool” host a variety of demonstrations, here they’re demonstrating what to do after a kayak rolls over. The pros work very hard to flip it back over, If it happened to me I would try to climb on top and ride it that way. No chance in hell I could roll it back over.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-32 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-40 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-29 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-31

Lots of equipment for sale, they must have been priced well because I saw many guests caring purchases out to their cars. Some even needed help with the big items, show staff lent their helping hands.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-27 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-42 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-43 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-26

Yes, this is a family friendly show, plenty of things for the little ones to see and they could even climb up the walls if they wanted to.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-62 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-63 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-60b Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-61

Trained staff made sure the youngsters were safe while Mom and Dad took photos of their wall climbers to share on social media.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-64

Many of the vendors had contests and giveaways, show goers filled out ballots as they walked through the isles.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-58 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-57

Hey “Boots and Hearts” I haven’t heard back on my photo pass, something tells me they aren’t too interested. One summer event that I would love photo access.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-84

What kind of outdoor show would this be without a bird of prey? This is “Whisky” the falcon, a well behaved falcon at that.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-66

In this photo I asked Whisky’s handler to hold my grey card, so I can adjust the white balance in post to ensure I got this falcon’s true colours. Whisky wasn’t too impressed.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-68

Here’s what I walked away with from this show, stuff for my night adventures. Bamboo sheets and a pillow that stops snoring, the Mrs. will be happy. The couple who sold the bamboo sheets and pillow were so friendly, it was a pleasure doing business with them. I will report back if I stop snoring! Click here to Check out Bamboo for Life

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-73 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-70

Many sat down at seminars that took place at a few locations throughout the show floor, actively listening to the speakers. Getting insight and advise from pros, who shared their life experiences and knowledge.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-49 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-48

Again, I would like to say, this is a great show if you like outdoor adventures or you want some information on travel. Both domestic and international travel information booths are at the show. Show continues tomorrow. (Sunday, February 21, 2016, 10am – 5pm)  I will end this report with some more cool merchandise and as usual click here to see the photo album.

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-74 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-80 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-77 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-78

Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-51 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-50 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-54 Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-56

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    1. Well, the pillow is very comfortable but it didn’t do anything for the snoring, but I have a bit of a stuffy nose. I haven’t given up on the pillow yet.

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