No Pants Subway Ride #NPSR

Here a quick look at the pant dropping event that took place this afternoon around the world.  I will be posting more later this week, so check back.

Gathering took place at the Eaton Centre by the H&M entrance

NPSR_2016-10 NPSR_2016-11

Once everyone is there they head downstairs to the Dundas Subway Station, once on the subway the pants come off.

NPSR_2016-12 NPSR_2016-13

The youngest participant I saw last year returned once again.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-37 NPSR_2016-19

Here are a few more pantless folks

NPSR_2016-21 NPSR_2016-14

NPSR_2016-16 NPSR_2016-17

Thank goodness Batman was there just in case

NPSR_2016-20  NPSR_2016-22


I love the look on the guys face


Not something most riders see everyday, should have taken a shot of the passengers standing 10 feet back, maybe they had the cooties.


Stay posted for more pics later this week.

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