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Well folks if you follow my blog, Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter you know I’m a fan of this Canadian Dynamic Duo known as Autumn Hill. #autumnhill

Autumn Hill’s music can be heard on Pop station or New Country stations, their sound is to cool for only one genre. Current Hit “Return Policy”

Once again they are performing in the GTA and if you haven’t seen them in concert, tickets may still be available. If you love their music on the radio or perhaps you have purchased their CDs, you’re only get a part of the Autumn Hill effect.  They’re good old fashion Canadian roots ooze from their wonderful personalities as they sincerely engage with their fans. Their friendship is evident on stage as is their passion for music and performing. Mike rocks the hell out of the stage, it’s so hard to get a shot of him that doesn’t have some part of him in a blur and Tareya’s vocals will mesmerize you, it’s not like Mike’s vocals aren’t equally as good, they are.  I can’t wait to see them again on Tuesday. Get of you butts and support Canadian music.

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Autumn_Hill_Canal_Days_2015-56 Autumn_Hill_Canal_Days_2015-14

Autumn Hill CNE Bandshell 2015

Autumn Hill performed an acoustic set when they opened for the one and only Rick Springfield at he Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). It was so cool and great to hear them perform acoustically and once again my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed their performance along with everyone in the packed Bandshell area.

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Autumn Hill headlined the 2015 Canal Days “Country Day” in Port Colborne. In their usual style, this duo preformed and left no one disappointed. Regardless of the size of the crowd they give it their all, they continue to amaze my wife and I. Young, energetic, super talented and so friendly with their fans. I can’t thank Mike Robins and Tareya Green for the great shows we’ve been lucky enough to catch.

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The First Time I saw them they opened for Kira Isabella

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Autumn Hill Nov_2014 (4)



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