Thanksgiving in Muskoka 2015

Going to Muskoka for thanksgiving the last couple of years has become something I look forward to very much. Mainly because of the Budge family who invite us to join their family at a cottage they rent called Ellaway.  It’s located near Barry’s Bay and on Kamaniskeg Lake  just the perfect hideaway and a great place for fun, laughter and of course some great photos.  Both my wife and I love hanging with their large family, truly feels like thanksgiving with them up there.

 Thx_Givn _2015-10Thx_Givn_2015-21

Thx_Givn_2015-20 Thx_Givn_2015-19

We got to see some wildlife, we wanted to see a bear but the dump was closed. lol

Thx_Givn_2015-42 Thx_Givn_2015-41

This quiet escape from the hustle and bustle isn’t quite large enough for the two families so the Silva’s stayed nearby at the Sands on Golden Lake. This too was a great find; we are planning to go back during the summer months. This Hotel has so much to offer, I don’t even know where to begin.  Although we didn’t spend the day there, we will in the summer and I will report on it then. (they are open all year)


This hotel has a restaurant on site, so if you’re looking for a romantic getaway where you don’t have to leave the hotel, stop reading and call them now. The breakfast sausages were the best I’ve ever had, if it wasn’t for the four plus hour drive, I would have gone there for breakfast today. Seriously, this is a charming, friendly and great place to make memories.

Sands_On_Golden_Lake-16 Sands_On_Golden_Lake-10

The beach was located steps from my bedroom and although it’s not the fanciest room I’ve stayed in, it was perfect. It was spacious, clean and met all my needs. Well the shower could have been more powerful, but most hotels have the same issue even the fancy Delta in Kingston has the same water  pressure.

  Sands_On_Golden_Lake-13 Sands_On_Golden_Lake-11

Sands_On_Golden_Lake-12 Thx_Givn_2015-13

I googled the time for the sunrise, got up and took these photographs in similar locations at different intervals trying to capture the array of light as it hit the beach.

Thx_Givn_2015-11 Thx_Givn_2015-12

Sands_On_Golden_Lake-31 Sands_On_Golden_Lake-27

The Saturday morning the temperature was zero degrees Celsius (32°F) the grass was very stiff and coated with a thin layer of frost and mist just hovering over the water.

Sands_On_Golden_Lake-30 Sands_On_Golden_Lake-35

A few folks had a party on Saturday night that included one of the party goers being kicked out of a room he was sharing, Lucky him Sunday morning’s temperature was 6°C (43°F)at sunrise and when I stole this embarrassing moment of his life. Click here for more photos


In fact the weather was warm enough for a Sunday swim, he’s either tough, brave or stupid. To each his own!

Thx_Givn_2015-46 Thx_Givn_2015-45

The Drive from the hotel to the Ellaway cottage was about 25 minutes, a little longer if you input the wrong GPS coordinates. Bright side  I got these pics while I was lost.

Thx_Givn_2015-16 Thx_Givn_2015-17

Driving through Barry’s Bay to get to the cottage

Thx_Givn_2015-31 Thx_Givn_2015-29

Some took their shiny cars out while others say goodbye to the summer time getaway. It is customary for many to close their cottages or trailer on thanksgiving weekend. This year’s weekend  (Oct. 10-12) was very nice and on Sunday temps reached a very warm 12° (54°F)

Thx_Givn_2015-30 Thx_Givn_2015-32

The drive to and from Muskoka is a long one, I’m not going to lie but the scenery is so beautiful you won’t mind. Thousands of lakes and rivers, winding roads and simply breath taking landscapes will make the journey amazing. These shots were taken through the windshield on the drive home as the sun was beginning its journey into the night.

Thx_Givn_2015-54 Thx_Givn_2015-55

Thx_Givn_2015-56  Thx_Givn_2015-57

Thx_Givn_2015-47  Thx_Givn_2015-49

Thx_Givn_2015-51 Thx_Givn_2015-52

Thx_Givn_2015-53 Thx_Givn_2015-48


Click here for the photo album




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