5 Line Ruins #Ontario

One of the areas of my blog which has been under developed is the “Places” page. Here I’m hoping to introduce locations that are either unique, landmarks or worth visiting. Of course the will be in and about the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) but I will also report on areas outside if I am lucky enough to get there.

I have wanted to take my photography to another level; I want to do some shots that are not so candid. I want to explore some work with models in interesting locations or where there are interesting backgrounds.  I will be scouting such locations and logging them, so that when I get a model I know where to shoot.


Today I was in Milton Ontario, looking for the 5 line ruins, it was very easy to find as you can see them from Highway 401. They are located on the North side of Highway 401 and  James Snow Parkway ( east on 5 line down a long driveway). In fact Google maps shows the address as 7797-7901 5 Line, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S6 43.554181, -79.852646 Maybe they are in Georgetown, doesn’t matter use the GPS coordinates.


Anyway, the super high vegetation makes it hard to shoot and it looks better in pictures then in person. But it would make a pretty cool place to do some interesting photography, maybe I will bring a weed wacker with me.

ROG_5321 ROG_5310

ROG_5249 ROG_5248

ROG_5247 ROG_5312

Stone walls were barely hanging on but a perfect the textured background.

ROG_5321 ROG_5320

My model today was my wife, she hates it when I do this, but here are a couple test shots with the graffitied wall.

Ana Paula2 ROG_5297

Since I was there I shot some vegetation, nothing is safe from my lens.

ROG_5254 ROG_5251

I’ve always loved a Weeping Willow, sky was blue and the colours were so vibrant.



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