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I’ve wanted to see Leah for a while now because I like her music on the radio. I had an opportunity to see her at the Twenty Valley Winterfest a few months back, but I was feeling under the weather and that night the wind-chill was -20. I should have gone, Leah was even better than I thought she would be.


This beautiful woman came on stage and shocked me with her vocals and performing skills. Like I said I was already a fan, but I had no idea how good she really was live. The icing on the cake was her stage presence and interaction with the audience; she looked like a seasoned pro.

Leah_Daniels_Sound_of_Music_2015-85 Leah_Daniels_Sound_of_Music_2015-76 Leah_Daniels_Sound_of_Music_2015-79

She poured her heart and soul into each song, she was so sincere when thanking her fans and the KX94.7 for playing her songs on the radio.


Her interaction with the band was fun to watch and she didn’t miss a beat.  At one point she told us how her Grandfather introduced her to old-time country music so she performed an oldie for us, yodeling and all. Well folks I was already impressed but  this blew my mind, she was amazing. The crowed had smiles for ear to ear as their feet stomped to the beat, I even spilled my Tim Horton’s coffee all over my leg.  Leah Daniels is a top-notch performer and I can’t wait to see her again.

Leah_Daniels_Sound_of_Music_2015-34 Leah_Daniels_Sound_of_Music_2015-35 Leah_Daniels_Sound_of_Music_2015-13

Click here to see the energy and passion of her performance. I will toot my own horn because I think my stills capture it all.

Thanks Leah for an amazing show!


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