#Sexapalooza #Toronto 2015

As Fifty Shades of Grey tops the box office, it is clear that couples desire more than vanilla sex. If you’re a couple in love, passionate and what to have a great time then head down to the International Centre this weekend for Sexapalooza. If you don’t know what Fifty of Gray or vanilla sex is then you really need to go down to this show.

It’s not what you think, this is an adult event that inspires and showcases idea, props and clothing to help couples of all ages spice up their love life. It’s a tasteful but sexy event that allows every one of every comfort level to have a great time.

Many vendors are available to answer any questions you may have, seminars are packed with couples who want to learn everything they can to put the biggest smile on their loved one’s face.

What do I expect to see at the show?  He’s a glimpse of what I shot at Sexapalooza Niagara Fall in the fall of 2014.

RIF_7652 RIF_7650 RIF_7648

Why is this guy this happy?


He’s from Boutique Bella” and he’s looking for a volunteer from the audience for a demonstration of a set of bondage ready bed sheets and accessories. A very brave woman came forward and had a great time demonstrating the equipment.


The main stage entertains the crowd with fashions shows, dances and many other surprises. The MC (Madge Enthat) is hilarious which keeps the guests laughing.

RIF_7699 RIF_7847

RIF_8019 RIF_7654

SASS-Shanyn’s Artistic Strength Studio ,pole fitness presented  Hells Belles with  pole  dancing National Champion Shanyn Pollard.

RIF_7688 RIF_7695

RIF_7717 RIF_7731 RIF_7735

RIF_7745 RIF_7750 RIF_7752

National Champion Shanyn Pollard

RIF_8004 RIF_7985 RIF_8002

Fashion Show

RIF_7855 RIF_7854

RIF_7850 RIF_7859

Magic Men

RIF_7812 RIF_7816


This woman got more then she bargained for.


Glow in the dark paint too.

Glowing Body Paint-10 Glowing Body Paint-11 Glowing Body Paint-25 Glowing Body Paint-36


February 27-March 1, 2015 / The International Centre, Entrance 6
Friday 5pm-12am, Saturday 12pm-12am, Sunday 12pm-6pm

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