Did you Know #Toronto has…?

Toronto has approximately

  • 5,600 km of roads
  • 970 bridges and culverts
  • 7,945 km of sidewalks
  • 322 km of public laneways
  • 280 km of off-street trails
  • 2,283 traffic control signals

Lets talk a bit about the 322 laneways today, besides the 100s of ball hockey games that go on in those laneways there are a few that host the “Street Art” or “Graffiti” depending on your take on the matter.

Graffiti Alley in The Fashion District runs south of Queen Street West from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street beginning at 1 rush lane. There is about a kilometer’s worth of wall space of varying quality. Each summer for the past few years, a group called Style in Progress has taken over graffiti alley for a 24-hour period of legal painting.

Click here to read more on Graffiti Alley¬†from Tourism Toronto’s official website.

Click here for my photos of Toronto’s Street Art.

Toronto Graffiti Art 2013-35

Toronto Graffiti Art 2013-43 Toronto Graffiti Art 2013-8

Toronto Graffiti Art 2013-13 Toronto Graffiti Art 2013-15

Toronto Graffiti Art 2013-28  Toronto Graffiti Art 2013-39




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