#NoPants Subway Ride #Toronto

It was a quiet and chilly January Sunday afternoon in Toronto. Not much happening at one of the busiest intersections in the big smoke.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-11 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-12

Yonge Dundas Sq looked so vacant I considered whether we were in a Zombie apocalypse.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-10

Even Toronto’s Spiderman called it a day.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-13No Pants Day Toronto 2015-14

Many began to gather in the lobby just outside H&M in the Eaton Centre. Shoppers stopped to ask what was going on and when it was explained, some laughed others shook their heads. Security began to appear and asked similar questions. I have to say I was impressed with the Eaton Centre security team, they were very professional and just watched to ensure the security of the Centre was maintained. When I saw them gathering I thought they would begin bothering the participants, but nope they were as well behaved as the No Pants participants. Kudos to all!

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No Pants Day Toronto 2015-16No Pants Day Toronto 2015-15

This was my first time covering this event, I didn’t know what to expect but I was not Disappointed. I had a great time.

I want to thank the No Pants Society for organizing this event in Toronto. I’n my opinion it was a great success at from what I saw everyone had a great time.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-17 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-18


No Pants Day Toronto 2015-81

On Sunday January 11th 2015 in 60 cities and across 25 countries thousands dropped their pants for a NO PANTS  subway ride. This event began 14 years ago in New York and quickly spread across the world. This event was started by Improv Everywhere

Looking at these pictures, it looks like a normal day on the TTC.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-21 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-22

Look again, pants are starting to come off.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-23 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-24

Soon it was all over the subway, unfortunately there were many passengers making photography of the pantless riders a little challenging.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-27 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-25

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-68 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-69

An epic battle ensued, Toronto’s Batman Vs Superwoman GO DC!!

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-67

Some showed there best underwear…

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-83 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-77

while others had interesting statements on them

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-65

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