#Toronto Santa Speedo Run 2014 #TSSR14

Since 2005 brave souls have donned their red speedos and ran along Toronto’s cold Yorkville streets to raise fund for The Hospital for Sick Children’ s Toys and Games Fund.  My Son is alive today because of SickKids hospital. In fact, 25 years ago yesterday, my wife and I were given the best Christmas present ever. we got to bring  our Son home after he spent his first month and a half of life in the care of those wonderful people.  Room after room in the hospital are occupied by beautiful beings as they deal with illness, I assure you that the toys and games make a world of a difference. Please use this link and open your wallet and show these speedo Santa’s your support and help put a smile on a little face.

It began at Hemingway’s, a place of great food and the coolest rooftop patio located in Yorkville.  Run began at 1:30 pm.

Click here for the photo album of this event

Toronto Speedo Run 2014-27 Toronto Speedo Run 2014-13

Although the cause is a serious one, everyone involved and the on-lookers were having a blast

Toronto Speedo Run 2014-20

Toronto Speedo Run 2014-89 Toronto Speedo Run 2014-90 Toronto Speedo Run 2014-22 Toronto Speedo Run 2014-42

This lovely lady’s tattoo says it all,  donate here 

Toronto Speedo Run 2014-82


Click here for the photo album

If you are in anyone of the photos and would like a copy for yourself please send me an email and it shall be yours.

Thank you all for doing this and raising money for a great cause. See you next year!



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