ST. Lawrence Market #Toronto

Its  November 1st and the coldest day so far this Fall and the first sight of snow flurries in the GTA.



St. Lawrence market has been around since 1803, it began with a wooden building and in 1831 a brick building was erected. I love going to the market there, the colours and smells are amazing. From the fresh fruit to the aged cheese, this market has something for everyone. Buskers playing for change just add to the atmosphere. Needless to say, today I have a tiny harvest in my trunk that will yield many delicious entree’s this week.  Yummy to my tummy.

StLawrence_market_2014-30StLawrence_market_2014-33StLawrence_market_2014-42 StLawrence_market_2014-44 StLawrence_market_2014-45 StLawrence_market_2014-46 StLawrence_market_2014-19 StLawrence_market_2014-20 StLawrence_market_2014-27 StLawrence_market_2014-37 StLawrence_market_2014-40

Police officer keeping our market safe


Man’s best friend patiently waiting



Regardless of the weather Toronto is always buzzing


StLawrence_market_2014-48 StLawrence_market_2014-56


Even  former Toronto Maple Leaf Eddie Shack came to get some goodies at the market



StLawrence_market_2014-23 StLawrence_market_2014-22


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