Fashion Captured #DufferinMall

Here we go, Candid Toronto’s first post.

I have been thinking of what to kick off this blog with for weeks.

I got the idea of my first post on Wednesday during my first time to fashion week.

It came to me instantly when I saw the Dufferin Mall models.

Dufferin Mall was two streets and a school yard away from my Aunt’s house.

This is where I lived my first four years when I arrived in Canada.

Dufferin Mall hired these beautiful models to allow us street photographers to take photos of professional models.

They came around every hour. Thank you, Dufferin Mall.

Read my story about Dufferin mall as you scroll down to see these beautiful models.

Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-34Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-31Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-32

Dufferin Mall was the first mall I ever shopped at.

I played my first video game at Wizards Castle at Dufferin Mall.

Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-30Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-27Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-25

My friends and I would dumpster dive into Radio Shack’s (now, The Source) to get used batteries for our walkie talkies. Ten-Four good buddy!

I bought my first pair of runners on my own at Woolco at Dufferin Mall, My size was 6, I picked up size 9.

No, I didn’t try them on, my mom made me wear them until they fell apart. Why didn’t we return them, I don’t know…

Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-26Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-24Dufferin Mall

I bought my first record at Dufferin Mall, “Marty Robbin’s Greatest Hits”

First food court experience was at Dufferin Mall, a Greek food place had the best French Fries. Lots of ketcup and wooden sporks included.

I learned how to skate across the street from Dufferin Mall.

I warmed the bench when my High School Football team won the Championship behind Dufferin Mall. Green machine!

I strutted through the halls of Dufferin Mall trying to impress my first girlfriend.

I even bought a Miami Vice Jacket at Stiches, must have worked though. She been my wife for 26 years.


I miss shopping at Consumers Distributing at the Dufferin Mall.

I moved away from the area many years ago and sadly I haven’t visited in a long time, but I’m feeling like a trip is in the near future.

Feel free to share your Dufferin Mall stories at

click here for Dufferin models photo album

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